Okay so basically DAY 5 went a little like this....

Woke up at 8am and prepared to go to Chocolate Bon Bon!!!!!! (EUNHYUK'S SHOP)
Day 5 was crazily hot.. in comparison to other days LOL
We took the train from Samgakji station ( nearest MRT from our accomodation ) and alighted at Namguro Station (exit 2)! We used GPS to lead us to the actual shop because we just couldn't find the shop heh!


Cake for breakfast... is just a no-no LOL my appetite was kinda ruined HAHAHA shouldn't have went to hyuk's shop first HAHA but the cakes and cookies were nice!!! 


Afterwards we went to DONGHAE'S GRILL5TACO!! Alighted at Apgujeong Rodeo Station and exited at... 7? I forgot which exit ps! But we only had to walk straight out of the exit and turn left at a cross section and walk a lil' further to reach GRILL5TACO!


*hyperventilates at mini hae xmas tree*

After a great meal we wandered around and went to SMTOWN and JYP since it was very near!!
Took a selfie with HAE on the WALLS LOL damn paiseh (singaporean attitude kiasu) but guess what... after this when we proceeded to walk over to SMTOWN.. WE SAW SNSD!!! They were just casually in their black celebrity van , windows wind down and sooyoung, tiffany and yoona were just casually talking and chatting inside LOL. We did not really notice them at first, until Van pointed at them and sooyoung realised we were like STARING at them, till she started to wind up the windows and till then did we realise.. OH IT'S  SNSD (laughs hysterically) but HAHA I mean we were kinda lucky? Saw 3 members of SNSD at once.. on a random street.. at a random time! (actually if you followed tiffany's snapchat you would've seen her and yoona at the hair stylist shop before they went in the van where sooyoung was in before heading off to the airport for PHANTASIA!)

Another funny story: we were walking to find JYP and we kinda blocked a vehicle behind us from passing and guess what? In the van it was JYP himself HAHAHAH LOL so yeah we saw JYP!
Went to Davich Optical again!

Our dinner!


Afterwards we went to Namsam tower for some night sightseeing!

Was VERY cold and when we tried to ask some cab uncle to drive us, he did not want to use the meter and insided on a flat value which was kinda a rip off so.. we decided to walk all the way down from the top of namsan to the MRT.. and took the train home.. full of fatigue all over our bodies...