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Gambled till 2am in the morning hehehe... Then watched Cabin in the Woods with my cousins till 4am omg!! Damn tired - immediately hit the sack after that!! Then woke up at 1030am to prepare to go back to SG! We left and headed to have our breakfast ..
Nasi ayam! 
Heading back to SG now!!! Can't wait to be home :)) 

Woo stopped at Matang Seafood View at Johor to eat lunch! 

Big bowl of porridge for family of 4! 

With minced meat and fish inside :) 

Fav bamboo shoot!! Damn nice!!! But RM18-19 per 'shoot' hahaha 

The bill was RM122 hahaha guess the bamboo shoots 19x4 already made up half of the cost hahaha but it was really worth it - big and chewy and nice! Yumyum 


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