Happy Chinese new year !!!

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Hello!!! Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! :)
Well I didn't do anything much today.. Just went to visit my cousin's aunt's cafe and visit some household to get some angpow! Can't wait for steamboat at night later! Let me just show you some pictures I've taken today! Weeee! 

Fireworks last night! :) 


With sis and cousins :) 

Selfie hahaha 

Chocolate mousse cake! 

Oreo cheesecake! 

Rainbow cake heheh 



Delicious fried tofu w cucumbers!!

Simple ootd since I'm not really going anywhere hurhur 

Ain't he cute!? 


If you guys are in Muar for anything, yall can visit Muarer hotel to stay for a few nights or so! It's damn convenient because when you come down, it's their cafe already and you can eat what I just ate (picture above hoho)!!! :) 


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