Impromptu trip

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Weeeee today was a hell of a day! In the noon, I went to venisa's house to bainian! It was fun as I got to eat lotsa goodies and food and of course, we gambled! We also watched Texas Chain Massecre whilst gambling HAHAHA whooa was damn gory and gross (EW) 
Look at such cute hello kitty deck!!!! 
Was tryna act as if I could play a ukulele but in face I can't HAHA 
With the co
Step ootd HAHAHAH 

After that we decided to go to uncle ringo !! what an impromptu trip hahaha but ite we did not manage to go due to my curfew & the time it takes to travel to and fro there!!! We went to eat long john and went to holland v to lepak!! 
Banana split at Haagen Dazs!! 
Stupid chew HAHAHAH 

Random rant // It was such a fun day.. Until you guys had to show unpleasant attitude and ruin the night. Though it may have been my fault for not being able to go there, but I'm sure you did not have to show such an attitude throughout? Not just to me, but even to your close one. It was really awkward for him and it was quite hard to watch... Does it matter where you go? Isn't it whom you go with that counts? Hahaha. And you. Buzz killer. Never seen anyone like you before who's totally out of it. Your sian face is totally killing the mood and making everything so.... Awkward & unpleasant. Can't you just face it and confront the person instead of just being sad about the circumstances??? Or maybe you may just be overthinking about things that may not even seem like what it seems.... 

Okay enough ranting for the night hahaha sorry to bore you guys!!! Have a great night :)) can't wait to post another post of my buffet trip later to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday! Ciao! 


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