Marina Party Dash 2015

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Decided to go for this Marina Party Dash Wet Run when I chanced upon one of my friend's dayre post! And since my dear SES5 friends were not against it and were even ok with it, we went!!! It was ~$35/pax!

We arrived at gardens by the bay south at around 4:55pm and the race started at 5pm.... We then consulted a guy and the guy told us to take a cab to gardens by the bay east ( running location ) ... And so we did... BUT the uncle drove us all around here and there... Just to go back to gardens by the bay SOUTH again!!?? Wtheck!? And we spent $9.50 for that ride (what even ugh!!!) and then we went on to take another cab, which fortunately brought us to the correct spot! Though the run was a mess HAHAHA , we still enjoyed it as we took MANY pictures at the scenic place!!! 
SES5 ;-)
Act grumpy face with such good lighting blingbling!! 

Nicest group shot of the day! 
With the zhu!!! 
Step step
007 movie ; staring VAN and TEE 
After all the photo taking and stuff, we decided to just head out and end our 'run' 

We then proceeded to JCUBE to have MANHATTAN fish market!!! Yumz damn hungry because I had only breakfast at 11am :( 
Appetizer soup! 
Fishy chicky bang bang! 
 Feeesh 'n cheeese
Small grill 
Da bomb! 

Was fairly cheap for such big portions at MFM, really enjoyed the food & also the company ( though missing Pek )!! Well, I'll end of my post with a picture of my lovely SES5!!!! (Much love)
6 years of friendship, still going strong !!


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