Valentine's Day!

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It's once again the 14th of February!!!! The day of showing your love , not just to your other half, but also to your parents, friends etc. As for me, I spent it with my family! We went to Westgate's Paradise Dynasty to have dinner! Yumyum!


Beef la mian  
Pork dumpling!!!! (Seriously the best I've ever had!!!!) 
Yang Zhou fried rice 
Xiao long bao!!! Didn't get the coloured ones because my family doesn't eat the different kind of flavors matched w each colour! :( 
Normal fried rice and fried popiah!!! Yumz!! 
Soup soup :) 
Not forgetting... Mango pudding dessert!!! Hehe it was damn nice and soft and satisfying!! 

The meal was around $91! Afterwards we went to walk around to digest our food better :-) 
Presenting my ootd shots!!! HAHA  


Hope that everyone out there had an awesome Valentines too! :) 


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