Mad love for Korean food

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Resumed training after like 1-2weeks of break! Woop was glad I could burn some fats today HAHAH but I gained it back for dinner ... Oh well!! FOOD IS LIFE!!! 
Went to Bugis+ SEOULYUMMY because I was craving for korean food hehehe and I did not regret one bit!!! It was damn nice omg I ordered the ~$50 2pax meal!! It included a appetizer , main dish and dessert! WOOO woop gonna show you guys what I ate!! 
Potato pancake as appetizer! (Tasted like prata oooo) 
Army stew!! There was ramen, beef, pork, chicken, hotdog, mushroom, veggie, ham, tofu inside!! Yumyum in my tumtum!! 
Omg you know how korean restaurants always serve you small side dishes? Well yea I finished their kimchi in like 3 mouthful because it was darn good!?!? And then my sis asked the guy working there if we could refill our side dish and he was like "ok!" Then my sis added "more ah (smiles)" and he returned with THIS MUCH OF KIMCHI LOL. was totally shocked HAHAH but didn't finish it ite ... Cries so sad how could I have wasted precious kimchi..... 

Salted caramel and cookies&cream icecream! 
Just messin' around HAHAH 

Woop can't wait to go out w Pek and others tomorrow! I wonder what fun things would happen tomorrow HAHAHA!! 
Okay ciao!!! 


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