My virgin alcohol drinking experience

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Weeeeee!!! Long awaited have fun session after CT's finally arrived and though the numbers were lacking, we certainly still had fun with just me Pek and chew!!! Everything was so impromptu and random, we literally decided where to go after we were on the train LOL 
And so we headed to ASTONS for lunch!!!! 
Fried fish + mashed potato + onion ring (fav fav) 
Pekko's fried chicken + mashed potato + coleslaw 
Chew's steak!!!  

Had our lunch and decided to go to town -orchard area to take pictures HAHAHAHA 
HAHAHA "statues come alive" 
Group pic!! 
VOGUE 2015 HAHAHA CHEY damn funny when we took this 
Went to 313 somerset and got llaollao omg damn happy!!! Finished one whole Sanum(?) myself hehe 
Another group shot :-) 

afterwards we accompanied pekko to her getai venue and well well it got delayed and around near 9pm? We were finally done and heading to holland village woop!! We went to Harry's and started off by ordering 1bucket of 5beers! Played the drinking game and chew TOTALLY NO LUCK HAHAHAHA!! 
Shortly after more people joined HAHAH like ZHIHSUAN and Remus , darryl and zhaohe!!! 
$10 fries HOHOHO nice

Reached home at around ... 2am and THANKGOD I didn't not have any hangover or headache or whatever due to the beer hehehe #lucky for a first timer like me!! OK CIAO IMMA WATCH MY DRAMA AND HAVE A NAP NOW!!


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