The con artist

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Another day of school but TGIF! Trained hard today, did 2500skipping and was damn hungry!! Contemplated whether to just eat dinner with Van & Pek or just watch a movie whilst smuggling food in hahaha! Ite we settled for the movie! Was late for around 10mins but luckily when we went in the movie just started HAHAHA (phew lucky)!!! 

Omg I think that the con artist is a movie every Kpop fangirl must watch!? HAHAHA the plot is damn unexpected and plus you get to see woobin and hyunwoo!!!! Well maybe I may be biased but seriously THIS MOVIE IS DAMN GOOD HAHAHA!! Highly recommended!! Action+plotting+romance+hotties = JJANG!! 

And from there we walked around, got llaollao!! 

Then we proceeded to Big Box to sit and talk till 1030!! 
Look damn cui hahaha 

Got my D&E album too omg damn hyped ^^ woopie!!! 

Okay shall end this post now HAHA BYEBYE 


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