End of Adivs

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Played the last A-div netball match today! Though we may not have gained any commendable achievements, but we definitely fought hard and I really enjoyed all the teamwork and trainings we've been through :)) I really can't imagine myself not exercising till after A's HAHAHA gonna get so fat!!! Anyways after the match against RV we went to CCAB to support JJC rugby vs PJC! Went to eat at MR. PRATA before the game started! 

Huge milo dinosaur drink!! 
Onion prata hehe 
Egg prata! 
Hungry tummy filled with prata! Then we proceeded to watch the match!! Didn't win but it's okay! Let's go for 3rd placing yeah!!! Jiayou!!! 

Time for my sleep HAHAHA 1.17am goodbye 


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