Farewell party and Jiayin's birthday

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8/5/15 , the day where we bid goodbye to our netball journey and embarked on the mugging journey HAHAHA. Though training may have been tiring and tough(the running 3.6k every wed part HAHAH because I simply loathe running), it was really great to have been able to learn a new sport and form new bonds and friendships admist all that learning. Thankyou everybody for making this journey a sweet one and thank you J1s for planning the farewell party for us! :) 

Half eaten food HAHAHA 
Lots of pizzzzzza 
Chocolate from coach!! Hehe 
Krispy Kreme!! 
My lovely teammates!!! 
Candid with the j1s!! 
The wonderful friendship forged throughout this netball journey - IT DOESNT STOP HERE FOR US GUYS I'm still going to be irritating :))))) 

////// dinner time with JIAOS ///// 
Went to celebrate Jiayin's birthday though her birthday was the day before! Went to JCUBE 18chefs and waited for damn long for our seats (sian emoji)!! 
Didn't manage to take pic of the food as Pek and I devoured it instantly HAHAHA but here's a pic of the receipt 
Cakey cakey for birthday girl!! 


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