Monday blues

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Start of another boring school week!! Did not doze off for math lecture till like 45mins into the 1.5hour lecture!! Quite proud of myself HAHAHAHAHA (no hate because I normally doze off not even 10mins into the lecture)!! >> fast forward to 230pm!! Waited for Joyee to go JE for lunch! Wanted to eat llaollao but settled for Astons instead HAHA 

After that we proceeded to IMM as our after meal exercise HAHA and went to giant for fun LOL! Got pepero at only 90cents per pack and got a whole roll of sushi at only $1.50 which I ate for dinner!! HAHA was hella fun esp with Joyee!! This just makes me want to get A levels don't and over with but at the same time I don't want to because I'm seriously way underprepared... sobs 


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