Mother's Day!!

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It's the time of the year again!! Mother's Day!! The day where we show our appreciation to our mothers for their unconditional love and care :)) had tuition in the noon and went to Seoul Garden with family for dinner! Long queues here there everywhere but thank god my parents made reservations early hahaha! 

Food food food is bae 
Meat. Marinated squid. Satay chicken
Corn. Hotdogs. Sushi. Fried rice. 
Mint chocochip. Mango. Strawberry. Cookies&cream. Chocolate. Lychee. Cornflakes. Peanuts. Jelly bites 
Horizontal family photo HAHAH!! 

Back to reality now :(( ugh damn reluctant for MONDAY to come!! Busy week ahead :/ Econs timed practice tomorrow, chemistry actual SPA on Tuesday, Wednesday NYVB finals (YAY), Thursday Econs test(which I totally haven't studied for and I'm screwed) and Friday extra lessons till 430... UGH!!!! Motivation motivation where are you 


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