3D2N in Malaysia!

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Went to Malaysia a few days ago and just returned yesterday midnight! Was a taxing but memorable and enjoyable trip there! 

Stopped at a restaurant for lunch! 
Their famous roasted duck! Yumyum

Fav egg omelette hehe 

Then we proceeded for hours and hours.. Until we finally reached our house! Yay! Rested and had dinner with other family members and called it a day at around 2am after watching a THAI horror movie hahaha which is pretty much a "tradition" for us to watch horror movies every time we meet up! 

Woke up early in the morning and dolled myself up to .... Welcome the bride!! 
Grumpy morning face with basic makeup hahaha 
Fun selfie with cousins and sis!!!
With the wedding car hehe 
Well.. I had to take a picture with the bouquet of roses which were so gorgeous!! 

Then we went to our home stay house for a rest in the afternoon and had a nap.. Till night time were we prepared for the wedding dinner! We slowly did our makeup and all from 3+ till 5+ LOL but well I was pretty much the first one to be done hehe 
Selfie w le sissy! 
Ootd for the night! :-) 
Messed around in the bride's dressing room after everything ended.. 

Went home, removed makeup, went to home stay house and ... Another THAI horror movie! HAHAH slept at around 2am again! 

Woke up and had light breakfast! (Or maybe brunch)  
Mee ... Something ... 
Mee curry 
Ice kachang!! Which is called ABC there hahaha new knowledge gained! 

Gathered with the adults and went to some restaurant for proper lunch and some temple which was related to our forefather! Then we parted ways with our relatives and my family proceeded to Johor for shopping!! Wee !! 
MFM dinner with sister! Was quite cheap... total was around RM81!! Which is pretty cheap if you convert it to SGD hahaha! 

That's the end of this trip hahaha may upload some pictures taken on my DSLR! Stay tuned! 


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