Carpenter and cook // Udders pancake

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Went to Carpenter and Cook café located at Lorong kilat today! When I first went in, the ambience was really nice and there wasn't a lot of people there (which is pretty good as it'll mean extra silence and less queue HAHA)! 
Love the vintage and old feel that it gives; makes one feel at ease and at home! 
Ordered this chocolate caramel sea salt pie which was $6.50! Tasted heavenly! Yum!! 

After the cake and smoothie which my sis ordered, we were still hungry so we proceeded to Udders Pancake which was just a few shops down and had a proper meal hahaha! 
Classic fries, strong iced lemon tea and some herbed chicken set which I totally forgot about it's name already hahaha 

Was pretty hard for me to chew and eat properly (due to the cotton in my mouth) but I still tried hard... And ite I REMOVED THE COTTON AND ATE!!! Lol just couldn't stand myself not eating such nice fries hehe and seriously the inability to eat properly makes me quite pissed off LOL!! Anyways I had a nice and full meal and we walked a few shops down to a Korean mart! Bought $10+ worth of Korean food ranging from tidbits to ramen and the ahjussi even gave us 2 additional instant cold noodles for free! Wow! Totally love how koreans are so friendly and polite?! (Well maybe just for those that I've came across before) gonna go to Korea someday!!! (After  MERS luh definitely)!


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