Jiu Mao Jiu Hotpot

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Went to Jiu Mao Jiu hotpot for a family dinner a few days ago!! It's located in a shopping mall and it's totally not crowded at all hahaha! 

The prawns were huge and damn sweet I swear I ate like 3/4 of them!!! 
Meat veggies etc! They even help you cut up everything! WOOO! 
Mad love for hotdogs hehe 
Their fried rice was also included in our online booking and it's basically free! What a deal! 
I think they call this the pagoda hotpot tower or something?? Hahaha the bottom you can have a choice of choosing 2 soup base and we choose some big bone soup and 麻辣! The 2nd layer is one where you can grill your meat etc! 
Cooking cooking 
All done and ready to eat!

The best thing there is... There's free wifi!!! Not those type where you can't gain access to snapchat Facebook and all, but unlimited wifi with access to EVERYTHING!! I even used their wifi to go online toggle live to catch GeTai Challenge on channel8 hahaha!! 
Other than hotpot they also have other normal dishes just like other restaurants!! Like those fried rice , fried noodles etc!! 
Hahaha totally gained like a kg there (internal cries) hahaha but good food is definitely worth the gains!!! Just gonna burn them off .. Somehow... Someday...


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