End of CT2 // June-July birthday celebration

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Woooooo! Ended math paper 2 today (stats) which omg I think would be detrimental and pull down my overall marks?! HAHA whatever anyway after math paper ended we all went home and slacked , napped and then Pek and I met at 3pm at JP to buy the gifts for the guys! We walked to and fro, here and there, same place again and again and at near 5pm we were finally done buying everything (bag, basketball, helium balloons, card)! We were dead beat and we decided to go Holland Village to slack! Thus.. We ended up at Sunday folks! We looked pretty comical and attention seeking due to our helium balloons btw lol! 

Dark chocolate with waffles goodness! It was utterly amazing and delicious I swear!! 

Pek and I devoured this immediately after snapping pictures of it (duh) hahaha and it was gone almost instantly?! Then we talked and slacked till 620pm and headed for Star Vista! Upon arrival, I bumped into my secondary school geography teacher (much miss)! It was quite funny as we had a brief chat hahah and he was still nice and friendly as ever! Then Pek and I went around looking at possible restaurants to eat, where to buy the cake, blabla.... And it dragged on till 725pm? The guys finally arrived and we ate at Imakatsu Singapore Japanese Restaurant
Cold mentaiko udon 
Mine curry chicken breast! (I swear the chicken breast was so tasty hahaha it tasted like nuggets but WAY NICER) 
Zen chicken thigh (momo)! 
Don ginger pork (syogayaki) 

Yumyum we tucked in and filled our hungry growling stomachs and we ate cake too! Whoop! 
Cake from four leaves! 
HAHAH the belated birthday boys! 
Full force jiaos! Yay! :-) 

Glad that the day ended pleasantly well though planning this day was quite tough for Pek and I hahaha! But it all ended on a good note and I'm really dead beat!!! Gonna crash now! Hehe 


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