Juliana's birthday

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Celebrated Ju's birthday yesterday! Was a planned surprise party at her house and it was really fun HAHA. Van Pek and I were somehow the organizers and we bought all the party stuff and balloons and proceeded to her house first to decorate! Then we blew up 25 balloons and just layed them on the floor! Then soon after Ju's teammates and friends started to stream in and arrive one by one and soon ju arrived HAHAH! Well she didn't really look THAT surprised (looked like she knew it all along) but her face was one of those that was of disbelief I guess hahah! We then went to eat the food cooked by her mum which was delicious!!!! And played games, lepak in the room, gossip and all haha! 

SES5 reunion! Hehe 
Picture with the birthday girl! (Posted this on my insta too) 

Just some random pics taken whilst preparing HAHA: 
Party hats!! 
Vanny & I 


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