Pretty occasion // Van's 18th

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Woooo gathered yesterday (25July) to celebrate Van's belated birthday! It was tough planning it as it was meant to be a surprise but we still managed to pull it off without any hiccups! 

So here's how the event happened! 
Reached the clubhouse with Pek (thanks Joey!) , looked around, took pictures and sat down to blow the balloons:
Our theme was mainly gold and white since the walls were of the similar colour! 
We pasted the Happy Birthday sign and balloons! 
Our creative "cake" which Van said she liked it (woohoo success!) 
Ordered KFC and then proceeded to do some homework! (Well I did one math question on complex numbers and Pek did half a 10marks Econs essay - talk about productive huh! hahaha!) 

Around 5+ Van finished her tuition, went home etc and it was quite stressing to have to coordinate and lie to Van to come to the condo but it all worked out ite (fortunately!) Van came in the clubhouse and then we sang the birthday song and CAMWHORED!! (Well such a pretty place calls for pretty pictures of course!)
With the birthday girl!! 
With sheenana! (Wearing VANS off the wall crop top LOL) 
Had KFC for dinner! (Which wasn't enough for 5pax but ohwell) 
More pictures 
Our red velvet inspired picture HAHAHAHA 
Nope we definitely can't look at each other and act chic 

Afterwards at around 9 we cleared the place and went to Van's house to sing! 
Legit Ashley licked me everytime I went close to her HAHA 

Anyways was really happy that the surprise worked out well and everyone enjoyed it! 생일축하해요! 

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