Revelry Cafe @ Lorong Kilat

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Was craving for Korean food recently and decided to go to Lorong Kilat area for some Korean food but to my dismay, it was CLOSED (whut). And when all hope was thought to be gone... My sis and I walked down the aisle and chanced upon Revelry cafe! We went in and the ambience was nice and we were greeted by a nice lady! 

Such cute menu! 
Original fries! (The mayonnaise holder is really innovative and cute hahaha!) 
Chicken thigh on a waffle! (The chicken was HUGE- almost a size of my palm!) it tasted ok I guess, the chicken was nice but to me it felt weird eating all the chicks lettuce and waffle together so I separated them and ate them on its own haha!) 
Sawasdee Tom yum pasta!!!!! Omg this damn good I swear I was pretty amazed at how good it tasted hahaha! The tomyum taste lingers in your mouth and the prawns were also huge!) 

Had a great meal at Revery cafe and would really go there again! Good food + good ambience + FREE WIFI! What more could I ask for right HAHAHA!
<Just for laugh: After this meal I had food coma on the bus on the way home hahaha> 


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