SG50 (7th&8thAug)

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Woooo! Bet many of us are really happy with the 4days long holiday due to SG50! It's really amazing how our country, which started out with almost nothing, is able to achieve something in just a short time of 50years! Here's to wishing Singapore many more years of prosperity, harmony and glory! :-) 

// went to Seoul Yummy and Sunday folks on 7th Aug! 
Hehe check out the army stew! 

Love their side dishes ESP the kimchi!! 
Hmm! Smells like happiness to me! ;) 
Potato pancake which was included in the promotion meal we had! 
Special bingsoo which consisted of different fruits! Ps, the green jelly was totally delicious! 
The meal totaled up to around $58 which was quite okay given the huge army stew and appetizers and dessert! 
Guess my location? The MRT station! HAHAHA 
All dressed in Wonderstellar's dress and necklace! 
Hehe proceeded to sundayfolks! Double waffle dark chocolate icecream with homemade granola! $14.80! :-) 
Check out the melting icecream HAHA 
Pic credit to my sister πŸ˜‚

//went to celebrate Junyao's birthday on the 8th Aug! Went to hot tomato and their food was nice and affordable! 

Group shot (missing Pek celebrity and darryl) 

Afterwards we went to Holland Village Harry's to drink! Didn't manage to take any pictures but it was really fun and I stayed out till really late (guilty)! Went home at around 2 and slept at 3am! Was really tired waking up the next day at 11 for my tuition hahaha but well, it's not like we do this daily so, 😁😌! 

Hope that everyone enjoyed their 4 days golden jubilee weekend and boo to school starting tomorrow! 


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