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finally a good meal after ages!! And a Korean one! went to Bornga 본가 at Star Vista! 
Was shocked at the amount of veggies they provided us but after eating.. Actually it's not that much HAHA 
Check out the beef and samgyupsal!! 
Kimchi stew 
Egg seafood pancake that's kinda made like a pizza! 
What's really great is that the staff helps you BBQ the meat until they're done and all you have to do is ... To DEVOUR the meat!! HAHA the samgyupsal is REALLY nice , even if eaten on its own! 
I think I had like 6-7 wraps for dinner HAHA aside from the other dishes!! 

Was a really fulfilling meal worth the price ($104 total)!! But would definitely go back their for their beef and samgyupsal HAHA!! Can't wait for my Korea trip where I can really taste authentic Korean dishes there in APRIL!!!?!? 


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