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I'm finally getting my lazy ass to blog about my fantastic trip to Korea from 11-18April2016!!
We booked our tickets via Singapore Airlines last year August ( omg kiasu af HAHAHA ) but that's why we got it at a pretty decent rate at around 700+ for round trip!

woke up at 5am (the happiest I've ever been in waking at this timing HAHA) & catching a 8am flight!
Typical boarding pass shot! 

My companions for a week ;)

The brunch menu! 

My chicken rice for brunch! I asked for white wine for tasting but didn't like it so... kinda wasted it...


Finally arrived in Seoul! We had to take the subway to our accomodation and look at the pretty view! Even on the subway we managed to see several places with pretty cherry blossoms already *squeals*

Alighted at Samgakji station (line4) to proceed to our Airbnb flat! Although our accommodation was relatively close... but.... there was a freaking STEEP and HIGH overhead bridge that we had to cross ( I was carring a 20kg luggage btw) and it was... traumatizing HAHAHA
Nevertheless, the Airbnb flat was very decent and spacious! The owner communicated with us in fluent English and even provided us bathing towels, showering essentials, cutleries, washing machine and powder etc! If you're interested here's the listing on Airbnb! https://www.airbnb.com.sg/rooms/6568569

 We asked the owner to help us order chicken for our dinner as we were too lazy to go out for dinner after our long flight ;P

Check out the chicken and fries!! The chicken was half-half which consisted one with a sweet&savory sauce and one deep fried! The side dishes consisted of mustard, radish and coleslaw! After eating chicken in korea... I think I can never think that chicken in any other countries can compare to the ones in Korea anymore #KOREACHICKENFTW +++ their delivery boys are real cute *winks*

 After the fufilling dinner, we headed out for a night walk to 'digest' our food and also head to the convenience store to buy breakfast for the following morning!

It was pretty chilly but great temperature at night! Afterwards we headed home, bathed and slept!


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