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Day 2 it is!
Woke up early (actually we woke up early pretty almost everyday HAHA because we needed like 1-2hours hair + makeup preparation #girls HAHAH) and dolled up before we went to see those gorgeous cherry blossoms! Was quite worried that it would all wither before we went Korea to see because it started blooming weeks before we went Korea but thankfully it didn't!

Shameless selfie after makeup and hair done! P.S the natural lighting is DAMN awesome I swear!!
With my unnie who did my hair everyday throughout this whole trip! :P *muchlove*

feat. our daily vogue shot in front of our huge mirror in our apartment!

Walking to Seoul station from our apartment! Seoul station was REALLY far... wore my new shoes and my little toe hurt within 10minutes of walking (nope not exaggerating)

In the subway!
We went to Seoul Grand Park to catch the cherry blossoms and it was pretty easy to get there! We alighted at Seoul Grand Park Station from Samgakji station and when we got out we were kinda there already!!

 ^ here's a XTRA LARGE picture of the pretty scenery at Seoul Grand Park which we witnessed!!

 this is how we all felt at the breathtaking view... HAHAHA

Pretty view calls for pretty & vain selfies/wefies!

Our 回头一笑 shots!! HAHAHAHAHA typical af HAHA

With 大z!

Afterwards we headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace's Tongin Market for lunch!
Took the subway from Seoul Grand Park Station to Gyeongbokgung Station(exit2)! The market was relatively easy to find as we merely had to walk straight out of the exit ~10mins to find it! But along the way.... there were so many tempting shops that I wanted to buy food from!! Glutton tee indeed..

The entrance of Tongin market!

When you walk into the market, somewhere in the middle, look right and there's a place where you could go to the restroom/ proceed up a flight of stairs! We managed to reach there (after walking past it LOL) with the help of a local and we bought 10coins and a tray with 5000won if I remembered correctly! Using the coins you can go down to the market and purchase food from shops which accepts the coin! 

 Famous shop which many celebrities visited!! Yummy!!

What me and Ju bought with 10coins each! We couldn't finish our japchae which was a pity but at the start we were still hoping that the ahjumma would give us a lot of it (which she did...) HAHA

After our lunch we proceeded to Changgyeonggung Palace by taking the subway to Anguk Station!
 Arrived at Changgyeonggung Palace!

 Purchased our entry tickets!

Afterwards we headed on to Hongdae!!!! Alighted at Hongik University Station from Anguk Station!

The churros was REALLY good!!!!! What a pity the chocolate filled churro was sold out & I had to settle for the original cinnamon one! But it was still great!!

Churros before we roamed the streets of Hongdae!

 Spot pekko?
 Spot Ju?

It became real cold at night and we stopped by this street cart for some Eomuk and hot soup! Was really cheap and the soup was good and it really kept us warm!! 
After this we headed home and ended our day 2!


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