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Woke up early as usual to doll up ourselves!! (P.S. this post contains a lot a lot of pictures!!)
We were headed to Myeongdong Go Guan Photo Studio for the Korean hanbok photoshoot hehe! We already pre-booked our slot when in Singapore and we just had to go there and choose what package we wanted for the shoot! 

Exit 5, walk straight pass IBK Bank, Days Hotel and turn right at C&U Convenience Store into the small street. Walk straight and you will come to a small cross junction. You will find the entrance of Go Guan Photo Studio across the street on the right-hand side of the cross junction, next to Tony Moly.

 Although we were late for ~30mins, when we reached we only had to wait 5minutes before they let us change etc HAHAHA 

There was a place where we could do/ touch up our makeup / hair etc and all the tools were provided! Though we didnt do it because the makeup was already used by others before... and we already did our own makeup before we left house!  

Had a huge variety of Hanbok to choose from! Girly tee chose the girly pink one which was so pretty imo! We then headed upstairs where there were many different scenes / props for us to take pictures of and what's better is that there wasn't any time limit!


much love!!! 


Underneath the pretty Hanbok.. were these rubber shoes HAHAHAHA

After around 1-2hours of phototaking we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch!

kimchi stew and beef noodle soup!

cold noodles!!

kimchi pancake was the bomb (Wanted to order another plate after but... calories ... and need to go shopping so didnt.. HAHAHA) & bibimbap!

 Went to this famous optical shop at Myeongdong as the rest wanted to make their specs! The service is really great there and they have staffs that speak Korean, English and Chinese etc! We took a long time at level 1 picking out spectacles & of course I just went around trying out specs for fun LOL

 After choosing what specs they wanted, the staff led us to level 2 for further eye tests & drinks!
Free drinks for us ALL!?!?! There was an array of drinks to choose from like iced chocolate , green tea, mocha etc!! and what's best is that it was FREE and there was WIFI there!! We kinda loitered around the place quite some time.. HAHA plus it was due to the thorough eye tests that they did for those buying the specs! I think maybe 1-2 hours later.. we finally left the place HAHA

Taken at the huge ass mirror while we were going to change more money to KRW hehe
Afterthat we headed to SHOP
I think we were serious shopaholics... Me Pek & Ju wasn't even done shopping with the first 3 shops on both sides of the road even after 2 hours but Van Raw & Silvia were already at like a few streets down HAHAH 

Passed by line cafe!

Delicious egg with idk what inside HAHA 

Huge ass scallop but was quite pricey!

Toasted bread w egg!

Unleashing the inner fangirls in us.... HAHAHA 

After several fun but tiring shopping hours, we were really famished and we were quite lazy to travel for dinner so....... WE ORDERED CHICKEN!!!!!! It was kinda funny we reached home and took the same lift as the chicken delivery guy -> which was a qtpie btw ;)
Day 1 was YooJaesuk endorsed chicken but day 3 it's KangHoDong ! HAHA

YUMYUM delicious!! I think the sauced chicken was nicer than Day1's but Day1's fried chicken was TO DIE FOR (am actually missing the taste of it while posting this....)

Our loots of the day! I think afterwards we totally K.O-ed on our beds after bathing because it was a really tiring day HAHA so I guess shopping isn't just tiring for guys but is also for girls too OK!! #nodoublestandards HAHAHA


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