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Wake up call at 7am to do our makeup & dress up because we have to look pretty at the amusement park! I swear as time went past RAW & Silvia got kinda forced to makeup since we were all so cray-cray over making up ( inserts laugh-until-cry emoji )

I actually pre-purchased our tickets to Everland from Funtastic Korea which included shuttle bus services to and fro Everland! We met up with the driver who picked us up at Seoul station at around 840am ( and yeah we were late HAHAHA ) and went on to other locations to pick up other passengers who were going to Everland too!
Not really a glamorous picture of myself but... IT WAS FREAKING COLD I ALMOST DIED (legit) We all scurried hurriedly following the tour guide to some sheltered indoor place where we got some comfort (in terms of warmth) and braced ourselves before going in Everland!

Warm food & drinks to warm our frozen lips&hands!

Our first ride was this Double Rock Spin which wasn't scary per se, but just crazy HAHA like seriously all it does is just spin and spin and spin and spin and spin and spin and spin and spin

Queueing for T-express ride in this coldness LOL didn't even think much about the crazy drop I was about to face but just HOW COLD I WAS!! but the ride was REALLY FUN we would've went on it again provided it wasn't a 1-hour queue and we had nothing else left to explore LOL

I think... my inner spirit animal is this bear ^

My khaki dungaree from Fairebelle! 


After a long day, we headed to Siloam Sauna (exit 1 of Seoul station) !
Was a.. unique experience I'd say HAHA but the funniest thing was us trying to run away whenever we saw Descendants of the Sun episode 16 airing on the TV because we did not want to see any spoiler HAHAHAH 

Afterwards we headed to Lotte Mart for grocery shopping!!

I bought kimchi home which.. is still in my fridge now after 3 months heh #fermentedAF AHAHA damn nice and sour yum!
Ended the day with us carrying our big wrapped boxes of food from lotte mart home and crashing on the bed immediately thereafter xD


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